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About Us

Backoos Korean Restaurant
Distribution Company


We as a korean canadian living in our nova Scotia community to serve our family and friends a crazy Original Korean cusine with hint of canadian flavours. Korean fried chicken, often called “the other KFC” is insanely popular in South Korea. It’s a multi-billion dollar business with its own slang name, chimaek, a portmanteau of chicken and maekju, Korean for beer.

As we started as small bistro in downtown Halifax where all the locals and tourist come and they loved our food service and helped us along the way to become multiple locations in Halifax and Dartmouth now. All the medias and peoples words spreads as advertisement of our loyal customers that love to keep BK in business to serve them.

What we want to acheave as BK team started as small local business to become more than just local but anywhere in canada. We will do our best to keep our Quality and keep the affortable pricing to serve good natual food with crazy flavours that people love to have with friends and families. 


Our History

Backoos Korean food to Go started in 2015, its first location 1358 Birmingham rd. downtown Halifax. It was by some described as a “hole in the wall, but delicious.” Backoos now has three locations and continues to expand. It is no longer a hole in the wall, but a sleek modern restaurant where families and students can dine in and enjoy a taste of Korean comfort food. 

Owners Sang Back and Min Kim aimed to introduce Halifax to a different side of Korean cooking. Both men met by accident when Sang stopped into Min’s store. A friendship soon developed leading the men to decide to start a business together. They decided on a comfort food enjoyed by Koreans, not something traditional, but something Canadians love as well. Fried chicken! Sang and Min worked morning to night putting in long hours away from family and friends. The sacrifice and hard work paid off.

Halifax’s foodies raved about their food. They were interviewed by the Chronicle Harald, Halifax Magazine and featured in the Coast magazine, and nominated for awards, such as Best Lunch, and Best Service. A following does not just happen over night it takes years to develop. Sang and Min always concentrated on delivering a consistent product and quality control is most important.

Customers can always expect a consistent product which never disappoints. Their signature dish Korean style fired chicken is marinated in Asian spices and then coated in a spicy flour mixture before being deep-fried to perfection, moist and tender on the inside and crispy on the outside. They do not only offer fried chicken. 

Backoos menu is a fusion of Western food and Korean traditional fast food such as bibimbap, spicy cheese chicken, and an all time favourite Korean short ribs. Backoos Korean food to Go will continue to aim for perfection, as they expand their business and try new ideas. One goal will always remain consistent and that is their dedication to pleasing our customers.

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